The Actuator – September 18th

I don’t want to alarm you, but there are only 97 shopping days left until Christmas. Which explains why the local big-box hardware stores already have Christmas decorations out. I’m going to do my best to enjoy the wonderful autumn weather and not think about the snow, ice, and cold I know are heading my way.


As always, here are some links I hope you find interesting. Enjoy!


Mystery database left open turns out to be at heart of a huge Groupon ticket fraud ring

An interesting twist to the usual database-found-left-open-on-the-internet story.


LastPass fixes flaw that leaked your previously used credentials

If you are using LastPass, please update to the latest version.


3 Nonobvious Industries Blockchain is Likely to Affect

I’m not a fan of the Blockchain, but this article speaks about industries that make interesting use cases. Much more interesting than the typical food supply chain examples.


DNA Data Storage

It may be possible to fit all YouTube data in a teaspoon. That sounds great, but the article doesn’t talk about how quickly you can retrieve this data.


Check the scope: Pen-testers nabbed, jailed in Iowa courthouse break-in attempt

Talk about having a bad day at work.


Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) hits general availability

This is essentially a transaction log, one that grows forever in size, never gets backed up, and is never erased.


Now that MoviePass is dead, can we please start funding sensible businesses?

Probably not.


No, really, it’s fine.


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